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You are beautiful...

     It has been almost two years now since I stopped working for DMH. I had often warned grad students that they would not really be able to reflect on the meaning of interning in a locked psychiatric hospital until it was behind them. Of course the same is true for me. I am still trying to detox from that environment. As an unexpected transitional project I also created a book cover for the man who first hired me to work in the field, Bob Schueler. ( This provided me with a satisfying sense of symmetry, giving something back to the man who inadvertently started me on my career as an art therapist.

    Last summer (2016) I started the MFA program at Massart, a long sought after goal. I feel incredibly lucky that my circumstances are allowing me to do this now and look forward to developing my work through this process.

    Because of this life transforming experience, I have taken down most of the older artwork from my website as it does not represent my current vision. As I go through the MFA program I am leaving behind many ways that I have interfaced with art, as a therapist, as a craftsperson and as someone who made things on commission for various purposes for most of my adult life.  

     On a side note, the process of getting from a soup bone in the grocery store to a clean, smooth bone for inscribing and drawing was something  taught myself over a period of time and I am willing to leave here. If you are interested please look at my process page for more information. I will leave that up for others as there are safety issues that are worth paying attention to.

     Once I have a new body of work I will update this website. Until then you can always reach me at the address below.


Brett Simmons Poza

    Suburban Boston





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